Retrofitting of a lathe type MDW20 from Max Müller

Retrofitting der Drehmaschine Typ Max Müller Type MDW20

At the lathe type Max Müller Type MDW20 a mechanical, geometrical, control-technical and electrical overhaul (retrofit) was carried out. The hydraulics were also renewed. Finally, the machine was completely cleaned and repainted. Retrofit Europe gives a 24-month warranty on the machine, which has been revised to the latest technical standards and optimized in terms of performance.

Before and afterwards

Erneuerung des Maschinenbetts Reinigung, Erneuerung und Lackierung der Maschinenverkleidung

Erneuerung des Werkzeugwechslers Elektrische Überholung der Maschine

Retrofit Europe: Control and electrical overhaul

  • Conversion to CNC control Fanuc CNC Series Oi Model F
  • New control panel
  • Control cabinet construction
  • New absolute measuring systems
  • Machine cabling
  • New axis motors

Retrofit Europe: Mechanical and geometric overhaul

  • Machine has been dismantled
  • complete geometry has been re-measured and set
  • Headstock has been dismantled and cleaned. All bearings have been renewed
  • Machine bed has been completely sanded
  • Longitudinal and cross slides
    • Guideways of the longitudinal slide were scraped onto the bed guide
    • All wedges and underlaps have been adjusted
    • new ball screw has been installed
  • Tool changer
    • The gripper unit of the tool changer has been overhauled
    • Cassettes on the chain magazine have been renewed
    • New hydraulic tool clamp has been installed
  • Tailstock was dismantled and cleaned, all bearings were renewed
    • Moldings and guides were overhauled and re-sharpened
    • Quill and quill bore were checked and reworked if necessary.
    • Drag chains have been replaced
  • Guideway wiper
    • Replacement of all guideway scrapers

Retrofit Europe: Renewal of the hydraulics

  • All hydraulic hoses, valves and hydraulic unit have been renewed

Retrofit Europe: New coloring of the assemblies

  • The machine has been completely cleaned, rusted and repainted.


  • 24 months warranty
  • Performance optimization
  • Latest technical standards