Retrofitting of the lathe type Max Müller, MDW 20M by Retrofit Europa GmbH in November 2019

Project information

Machine details:

  • Manufacturer: Max Müller
  • Model: MDW 20M
  • Length of the machine: 14 meters
  • Year of construction: 1993
  • Machine hours: 18034 pcs.
  • Control New: Siemens SINUMERIK 840 DSL

Machine highlights:

  • 24 months warranty
  • Performance optimization
  • latest technical standards

Project description

Control and electrical overhaul

  • Upgrade to CNC Siemens 840 DSL
  • New control panel
  • Control cabinet construction
  • New absolute measuring systems
  • Machine cabling
  • New axle motors

Mechanical and geometric overhaul

  • Machine was completely dismantled and cleaned
  • Complete geometry has been re-measured and set
  • Headstock has been dismantled, cleaned and all bearings renewed
  • Machine bed has been completely sanded
  • Longitudinal and cross slide were renewed
    * Guideways of the longitudinal slide were scraped onto the bed guide
    * All wedges and underlaps have been re-adjusted
    * The ball screw has been renewed
  • Tool changer
    * The entire tool changer has been overhauled
    * The cartridges on the magazine have been renewed
    * Installation of an absolute measuring system over the entire length of the portal
  • Tailstock: Disassembled, cleaned and all bearings renewed   * Moldings and guides were overhauled and re-sharpened
    * Quill and quill bore were checked and reworked if necessary
    * the drag chains have been replaced
  • guideway scraper
    * Replacement of all guideway scrapers

renewal of the hydraulics

  • All hydraulic hoses, valves and hydraulic unit have been renewed

New coloring of the assemblies

  • The machine has been completely cleaned and repainted