OT Cyber Security Pentesting

Our experience working with OT environments enables us to perform successful OT penetration testing for your industrial equipment.

Every day, you as a company are surrounded by a great deal of confidential information and sensitive data that needs to be protected due to increasing cyber attacks and data thefts. The aspects of confidentiality, availability and integrity are becoming increasingly important in this context in order to protect your production.

We test OT systems through realistic hacking simulations and cyber attacks

Modern information and communication technologies are networking the industrial world. Operational technology (OT) such as production plants, control systems, etc. are highly interesting for cyber criminals. This is because the increasing automation of industrial processes requires OT and IT technologies to be networked, thus changing the threat and risk landscape. Where do you stand in terms of digitalization and automation? Are your business processes protected in terms of confidentiality, availability and integrity? To check whether your OT infrastructures are also business-critical, a cyber security audit is the solution.

The advantages of an audit


The confirmation of an independent audit ensures that the special safety has been checked by means of an OT audit and the activity is subject to constant monitoring, creates confidence among customers.

Competitive advantage

With a cyber security OT audit from an independent body, appraisers gain competitive advantages over their peers.

Advertising material

References to a cyber security OT audit can be built into communications media. For the experts, a certification is a testimony of professionalism and commitment to the availability of their production environment.

Business Criticality Rating

A business criticality rating evaluates the damage potential of the plant or machine infrastructure. Based on this, a damage classification is created for potential material and immaterial damage.

Risk analysis

The risk analysis includes the identification and evaluation of risks of the machines and the infrastructure, it includes the technical data analysis in which is evaluated which safety problems can occur.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a targeted simulated cyber attack on the facility and infrastructure to find exploitable vulnerabilities and build upon them to close the security holes.

OT Cyber Security Test Modules

01 Attack Vector Analysis

Map all attack vectors that can be executed against infrastructure anddevices.

You will discover:

  • Any flaws e.g. in network architecture, design, configuration and firewalls
  • How attackers can use these flaws as attack paths into networks or devices

02 Vulnerability Scanning

Look for any vulnerability to avoid any disruption.

You will discover:

  • An overview on device, network and communication level vulnerabilities and their severity and exploitability
  • How the found vulnerabilities will be tested and documented

03 OT Penetration Test

(Live system hacking) Test all access points from external to internal networks

You will discover:

  • Exploitability of the system, devices, frequencies and its impact to system security
  • How to mitigate all found vulnerabilities

04 Process-Assessment for OT-Security-Operations

Evaluation of your cyber security situation.

You will discover:

  • Missing processes, gaps based on standards
  • Issues in security practices and policies
  • Detailed information of weaknesses in implementation, guidelines and processes
  • How to master them to avoid any issues in operations

05 OT Device Level Testing

Deep level of device testing: Test all weaknesses and vulnerabilities and possibilities to exploit the devices

You will discover:

  • Exploitability of the devices and the impact on system security