The old becomes state of the art

Aus alt wird hochmodern

Sustainability has become the slogan of the present. Even in the mechanical engineering industry, the trend is catching up. This benefits the Retrofit-Europa GmbH, which is now moving into the Gehrener Gewerbegebiet in order to enlarge.

Founded as a one-man business

After the company founded in Königsee in 2011 as a one-man business had to bury its plans for an enlargement in the Rinnetal because of unclear contaminated sites, it was time to look for new opportunities. Decisive for the logical aim to stay in the middle of Germany, because the client has the Retrofit Europa GmbH from all over Germany. “We were interested in a location in Gehren for some time,” explains managing director Andreas Mathes, but found nothing of a suitable size. Finally, a hall of the former Dura factory, now owned by SZW Prophet GmbH, has become the focus of the managing director. On three times the larger production area than in Königsee, the new leased location in the Gehren industrial park will now continue seamlessly. The demand for modern technology continues; Mathias, whose company today has 30 employees and an outsourced service area, knows what makes delivery times for new machines significantly longer. “The purchase of new technology not infrequently entails, for example, in machine tools, conversions in the workshops.” New foundations mean sometimes great effort, “explains Mathes the advantage of overhauling existing technology. The price aspect when comparing new purchase or overhaul is added. “However, what happens here at Retrofit is more than an overhaul: with its own engineering department, old machines will” wrap up “state-of-the-art know-how – with the help of control technology, robotics and automation technology – and thus bring new life to life.” The renewal compares the company boss with a core renovation of a house: dismantled down to the smallest part or the last screw is then rejoined together with specially developed according to customer requirements elements.

Full order books

“The order books for 2019 are full; it looks similar for 2020, “Andreas Mathes looks confidently into the next year. You would like to accept more orders, what is missing for the moment are employees. For mechanics, service technicians such as electrical engineers or electrical engineers for the new location, the company is currently promoting everywhere. “Up to 20 employees will be able to work here in the coming months,” says the Managing Director from the Upper Palatinate and promotes good training and further education opportunities.

Old technology is refined

The idea of ​​not only repairing technology but, as Mathes likes to say, “refining” has been the focus of retrofit. For customers from all industries – from the automotive industry to the housewares manufacturer – his clients, says Mathes, include Bosch Rexroth, Siemens and Daimler. The first project is already in progress in Gehren, while two orders are still to be completed. The administration is already following Gehren, and by the end of the year the grounds in the Königseer Gewerbegebiet will be empty.

Photo Description: Their age will no longer be noticeable after the overhaul of the lathe, which was built in the mid-1980s, Andreas Mathes, managing director of Retrofit Europa GmbH and co-worker Marco Weidner (l.) Is sure. Photo: Franke